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Our Story


Like so many Barbados tourists, my husband and I went to Bathsheba Beach to breathe the air, soak in the refreshing Bathsheba pools, and feel alive. Bathsheba is stretch of dramatic coastline with striking rock formations where the Atlantic waters break in cascade of foam.

While talking pictures of a large rock that was absorbed by the rough, crashing sea line, a small black dot bouncing around had caught our eye. We walked closer to investigate to find that the bouncing dot was actually an abandoned kitten and he was only a few weeks old.  He was crying and looked scared.

Our hearts were breaking and we wanted to save him… But how were we going to get him off that rock? The edge of this rock formation was so high and ridged that we could not climb on the rock to retrieve him and the kitten was too afraid to come near us or ran away as new waves crashed against the rock. 

We returned the next day with milk from our hotel in hopes to help comfort him even if we could not get him down. An empty coconut shell we found on the beach was used for his serving dish.

The milk worked to lure the kitten close enough for us to grab him and get him down from the rock and when we had the little fella in our arms we were overcome with emotion. We were so happy to get him to safety but he was still starved and thirsty. He was scared but he looked at us with comfort in his eyes that he was safe for at least a day. The hardest part was to leave him back on that rock because we couldn’t take him to our hotel. Not convinced leaving him was the only option, we started looking for a local shelter and found a RSPCA who could take him in. We returned to Bathsheba to get the kitten with an animal carrier and saw the little cat waiting for us. Even though he rushed down the rock to greet us, it took hours for us to finally get him to come to us. After we dropped him off at the RSPCA, we visited him almost every day and soon decided to bring him back home with us to America.

He is now home safe and sound with us, purring and happy, and of course named Rocky, accordingly. Rocky immediately made friends with our older cat, Markiz, and can often be seen playing together in our yard.

 A Happy Ending and New Beginning

The synchronicity of the abandoned kitten and the amount of thrown away glass on that beach catapulted us to an epiphany! For some, kittens and the sea glass are not needed and they are easily discarded or their importance overlooked. Well, we cannot disagree enough. Our jewelry is meant to remind us that all beings are precious and our earth can be restored by effort, creativity and, a love of life.

Our store, Cat on Rock, IS our rock.... our foundation for doing something to save our cherished earth. Cat on Rock features rescued sea glass beautifully shaped and designed that reflects the simplicity, yet elegance, of our earth. Each piece of jewelry is a perfect example of effort and persistence winning out in the end. I have been inspired and it my hope that my jewelry will inspire you.

Our Mission

We are committed to living in harmony with our environment. Our mission is to educate individuals about authentic sea glass and the importance of the conservation and preservation of the oceans. Traditional gems are made by nature and refined by man. Sea glass is originally made by man but refined by nature to become smooth and frosty gems. Our goal is simple- to create beautiful jewelry that reminds us all that our earth is treasured and we can all do something about keeping it safe and clean for generations to come.

So now you know the connection between an abandoned kitten on a rock and a jewelry shop that makes jewelry that comes from discarded sea glass. Our name is a constant reminder that nothing on this earth should be abandoned or left to destroy our earth. Nothing. We are doing our small part in this pursuit. We saved a kitten one day on a beach and it was there and then we were inspired to build a company. Hence the name of our company- CAT ON ROCK. These two events may seem disconnected but that is far from the truth. Please Join Us! 

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