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Ice Rock

Beautiful single white sea glass wire wrapped in non tarnish silver wrapping. Size 8.


Five frosted white and light blue pieces of sea glass wire wrapped in silver plated wire and wired to the coral twist base . Each piece is 100% genuine sea glass. All of my sea glass is 100% genuine and comes from Barbados. Size: 7.5 "


Crochet non tarnish silver necklace with 5 cobalt blue sea glass, white fresh water pearls and red beads. This is a fantastic jewelry to wear to a July 4th party or on a boat trip since its also has a nautical motive. Sea glass was hand picked in Barbados. Size: 18" long

Pearls and Corals

Large chandelier earrings wire wrapped in German artistic wire in a shape of a corral. White pearls are elegantly wrapped around each earrings and three Swarovski crystals are dangling down like little drops of water. Size: 5"by 1.5"

Red Coral

This magnificent choker necklace is made out of sea glass, red bamboo corals and red artistic wire. Crochet choker necklace with red bamboo corals and five individually wrapped sea glass stones. Each sea glass stone is wrapped in my signature coral twist. This sea glass necklace has a large hook that could be put through any hole for a better fit and comfort. Size: 15" long and 3.5" wide

Sea Green

Sea glass bracelet with green and white glass. Fresh water pearls are wrapped all around the double band, silver tassel is attached to the back of the bracelet. This bracelet is perfect for wedding, cocktail parties or as a casual wear. Size: 10"

Sea Queen

Handmade crochet necklace with white sea glass individually wrapped in a non tarnish silver wire, amethyst chips and white pearls are adding a nice finish to this grand necklace. This wire wrapped lace necklace will absolutely make a statement. Several layers of sea glass pendants individually attached to a crochet necklace does not add heaviness but adds more charm. This grand necklace has a large hook on the back that could be hooked on to any hole on this necklace. This sea glass necklace has a special design that allows you to re-size it to your comfort level. This necklace could be worn a little loose or like a choker. Perfect jewelry for a special occasion like wedding, gala event or birthday celebration. Size: 19" long

Sea Sun

Barbados authentic green sea glass chip is wrapped in a silver non tarnish wire. Round pendant is wrapped in a silver non tarnish wire and attached to the silver choker necklace. Silver choker necklace IS INCLUDED. Pendant Size: 1.75" Choker Size: 5" in diameter

Sea Sun

Five 0.5-1" green sea glass chips are wire wrapped in non tarnish silver wire and attached to non tarnish silver bracelet with a large lobster claw lock. Each round disk is wrapped in a non tarnish silver wire. 100% genuine sea glass from Barbados was used to create this bracelet. Size: 9"

Sea Tears

Crochet sea glass earnings made with sterling silver wire, aqua blue crystals and blue sea glass form Barbados wrapped in silver wire. The earring loop is silver so it will tarnish with time. To clean use a gentle cloth for silver jewelry. Size: 4" by 1"

Sea Urchin

Sea urchin for this pendant was collected by the designer and brought from Barbados. Sea urchin is attached to the Antique Silver pendant with a mosaic grout. Pendant is 2" long and 1" high and has a silver pin in the middle to give it a nice finished look. You can use a long or a short chain to wear it or just a simple white leather lace. This will be a perfect wear for summer time. Size: 2" by 1"

Seahorse Green

Large hand wired pendant in a shape of a seahorse with green sea glass in the center and blues crystals. Size: 3.5" by 2"

Be amazed by alluring, graphical elements of the streams of spring that bring life and fill every corner of your soul. Delicately worked, the asymmetrical patterns and sinuous shapes of these mini- sculptures have made this collection a classic piece of our jewelry design. Intricately textured designed makes it one of a kind sea glass jewelry collection.

This is truly a perfect piece of jewelry for any outfit but especially a wedding dress.  Be unique and glamorouson your special day by wearing sea glass jewelry from this collection. Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid or a mother of a bride/groom you can look dazzling and flawless. Our sea glass jewelry adds a gorgeous, sophisticated and stylish glow to any outfit. Every curve is finely detailed and delicately worked on. Some pieces are very intricate but yet graceful and stunning. 

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