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Custom Orders Available with customer's sea glass

Ever since we opened our shop we have received many requests to create sea glass jewelry with our client’s own sea glass. If you have a sea glass you have found or one that has a special meaning to you, let us know and we can create a jewelry piece based on the options available at our shop. If you don’t have your own sea glass we can still create a custom order for you using sea glass from our shop.
Custom orders are final and non-refundable. The cost for custom orders is only additional 20% to the cost of any item at our shop. 
Please send us your sea glass that you want us to use. NOTE: if some of your sea glass is not used, it will be returned to you with your order. There might be a time when in order to complete the desired outcome some of store’s sea glass will be used in addition to yours.

Please send us your requests by e-mail at


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