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Amber Chips

Four amber/brown pieces of sea glass wire wrapped in bronze wire and adorned with a small lobster claw lock. Each piece is 100% genuine sea glass. This sea glass bracelet is very light and elegant. Size: The bracelet measures approximately 8.5". All of my sea glass is 100% genuine and comes from Barbados.

Amber Love

Simple silver earrings with tiger eye chips and brown sea glass from Barbados. Size: 3.5" long

Baby Leafs

This necklace will always remind you of summer and its beginning. This very simple and flawless sea glass necklace will underline your elegance and charm. There are 15 small green sea glass nuggets (0.5 " in size) individually wrapped in silver non tarnish wire and attached to a non tarnish silver necklace. There also 14 small crystal pendants attached in between each sea glass. Has small silver lobster claw lock. All of my sea glass is 100% genuine and comes from Barbados. Size: Max 24.5" long. Please contact me directly if you like this necklace in a shorter length.

Bajan Glass

This is a very unique pendant. Its made out a broken glass from of the Bajan Chattel house window. This glass is typically used in traditional Bajan homes. Handpicked and brought from Barbados. Pendant is wrapped in non tarnish silver wire. Size: 2" by 1.25"


Two strand choker necklace with green and brown sea glass from Barbados individually wrapped and attached to the necklace, small sea shells, wooden beads, light green aventurine chips and tiger eye flat beads. This necklace is perfect for a summer pool party or take it to a beach vacation with you. Size: 17" long

Blue Porcelain

Hand crochet wire necklace with lapis chips, ceramic blue and white beads and nine white sea glass pieces. White sea glass is individually wrapped and attached to a crochet wire necklace. Necklace is crochet with a dark blue colored copper artistic wire. Each ceramic bead is attached by silver wire. Size: 20" long

Cotton Candy

This is truly an eye candy! Handmade, crochet bracelet (German Style wire) with 100% recycled glass (light colors: pink, green, blue and purple) individually wrapped and attached to the bracelet. This bracelet also has some pink quartz chips wired in between the recycled glass. This bracelet wraps around your wrist three times or you could wear it as a necklace. Makes a perfect gift for a young lady. Size: 23" long


This is my signature coral twist technique. Earrings in non tarnish silver, white foam sea glass and white pearls. Perfect for a bride to wear on her special day or with any summer light dress. To prevent silver from tarnishing, keep earrings in a plastic bag. To clean, use a gentle cloth for silver jewelry cleaning. Size: 15.5" long and 1" wide


This a grand crochet necklace with multiple sea glass and jasper chips. Crochet necklace made with non tarnish silver wire, green sea glass and jasper chips. Each sea glass is individually wrapped in non tarnish silver wire and attached to the crochet necklace. The second layer has sea glass and jasper chip in between the sea glass. This necklace is also re sizable. Simply use a hook in any hole on the necklace to adjust it to your comfort level. Size: 15" long and 2" wide

Green Fossil

Single large green sea glass wrapped in artistic wire. This pendant was created using a unique wire wrapping technique to give an effect of a fern fossil. Size: 2.5" long and 1.5 wide

Morning Dew

Sea Glass Choker Necklace is crochet using a non tarnish silver wire, turquoise mate sea glass and tear drop crystals. This necklace is designed the way so you can re size it to your comfort level. Simply hook it through any hole on the necklace. Size: 15.5" long

Palm Tree

White, dark green and light green sea glass wrapped in artistic wire individually attached to a wired bracelet and some aventurine chips. Has a silver clam lock. Because silver get dark over time, please use a special cloth to clean silver jewelry. This bracelet is perfect for any day wear or a special occasion. All of my jewelry is made using a sea glass from Barbados. Size: 10"

Our Earth Collection transmits the beauty of falling leaves and graceful curves of bare autumn branches in flawless designs that will capture your imagination. 

Earth Collection is so eco and so exotic at the same time. Feel connected to nature by wearing sea glass jewelry from this collection. Here you will find one of a kind handcrafted genuine sea glass necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants & earrings! It’s very comfortable to wear and can be worn with your favorite shirt or a summer dress. Going to a romantic dinner on a beach or a simple girls hang out? This sea glass jewelry collection is for you!  Every sea glass is hand-wrapped and personally selected by the designer. We use only nature’s finest treasures to create our jewelry. Semi-precious stones and sea glass nicely complement each other and give a nice complete dress up look.


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