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Sea Glass Necklaces


This is a CUSTOM piece and NOT FOR SALE, but a similar piece can be ordered. Message me for information. This is a hand crochet, 26 gauge non tarnish silver necklace with 20 sea glass pendants individually attached to the necklace. Each sea glass is hand wrapped in 22 gauge non tarnish silver wire. There a small glass beads ( clear and grayish) that were crochet in to the necklace. Looks appropriate for day time wear and has little sparkles for the night out. There is a silver small and very elegant hook on the back of the necklace. All sea glass was handpicked by the designer in Barbados. Size: This necklace has a maximum size of 23-23.5". It's a re-sizable necklace and could be adjusted to your comfort level, even to the choker size. You can use a hook on the back and put it through any crochet hole on the necklace. I made this necklace exclusively for my aunt who is getting married in April, 2016. This is my wedding gift to her. This is a perfect gift for any occasion!

Black Pearl

Crochet non tarnish silver necklace with 5 cobalt blue sea glass, white fresh water pearls and red beads. This is a fantastic jewelry to wear to a July 4th party or on a boat trip since its also has a nautical motive. Sea glass was hand picked in Barbados. Size: 18" long

Blue Porcelain

Hand crochet wire necklace with lapis chips, ceramic blue and white beads and nine white sea glass pieces. White sea glass is individually wrapped and attached to a crochet wire necklace. Necklace is crochet with a dark blue colored copper artistic wire. Each ceramic bead is attached by silver wire. Size: 20" long

By The Sea

This necklace is perfect for summer time. I got very inspired by a nice, warm weather outside and decide to have a few summer pieces in my collection. Pair it with your favorite beach vacation outfit. Teen girls would love it! This is a non-tarnish silver chain necklace with seven sea glass nuggets individually wrapped and attached to the necklace. All of my sea glass comes from Barbados and was handpicked by the designer. There are silver tarnish resistant bay scallop shells attached to the necklace finished of with green glass beads in between each shell. Size: 18" long

Coral Blue

This is a silver choker necklace with individually attached pendants in a shape of a coral. White sea glass stones are attached in the middle of each pendant, white pearls and lapis chips are wrapped all around each pendant. This sea glass necklace is made by using my special coral twist technique. Size: 16"

Coral Plates

Silver choker necklace with three square foam white sea glass and fresh water pearls. Each sea glass plate is individually wrapped. Designers coral twist technique was used to wrap each sea glass plate. Size: 16"

Coral Play

This is one of the most playful sea glass necklaces you will ever find. I used my classical coral twist technique to make this sea glass necklace. Coral twist part is made with a non tarnish silver wire and attached to a silver plated choker necklace. There are small, eight, foam green sea glass chips wire wrapped to the base of the necklace. There are some opaque green round glass beads wrapped around curves of a coral twist. There are eight green balls with silver mesh and attached to the bottom of each section of the necklace. Size: Choker Necklace 5" in diameter Coral Twist Section 8.5" by 2"


This is my signature coral twist technique. Earrings in non tarnish silver, white foam sea glass and white pearls. Perfect for a bride to wear on her special day or with any summer light dress. To prevent silver from tarnishing, keep earrings in a plastic bag. To clean, use a gentle cloth for silver jewelry cleaning. Size: 15.5" long and 1" wide


This a grand crochet necklace with multiple sea glass and jasper chips. Crochet necklace made with non tarnish silver wire, green sea glass and jasper chips. Each sea glass is individually wrapped in non tarnish silver wire and attached to the crochet necklace. The second layer has sea glass and jasper chip in between the sea glass. This necklace is also re sizable. Simply use a hook in any hole on the necklace to adjust it to your comfort level. Size: 15" long and 2" wide

Morning Dew

Sea Glass Choker Necklace is crochet using a non tarnish silver wire, turquoise mate sea glass and tear drop crystals. This necklace is designed the way so you can re size it to your comfort level. Simply hook it through any hole on the necklace. Size: 15.5" long


Crochet non tarnish silver necklace with 5 cobalt blue sea glass, white fresh water pearls and red beads. This is a fantastic jewelry to wear to a July 4th party or on a boat trip since its also has a nautical motive. Sea glass was hand picked in Barbados. Size: 18" long

Red Coral

This magnificent choker necklace is made out of sea glass, red bamboo corals and red artistic wire. Crochet choker necklace with red bamboo corals and five individually wrapped sea glass stones. Each sea glass stone is wrapped in my signature coral twist. This sea glass necklace has a large hook that could be put through any hole for a better fit and comfort. Size: 15" long and 3.5" wide

Sea glass jewelry necklaces and sea glass pendants are made with non-tarnish silver, sterling silver, artistic wire, pearls and semi-precious stones to create beautiful, long-lasting design pieces.

Coral twist- designer’s signature technique that is used to make some of the necklaces but most of them are made by using a traditional crochet technique. The sea glass necklaces collection is offered in four styles—an expandable/resizable sea glass choker necklace, a one-size-fits-all sea glass chain necklace and multi strand necklace.

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