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Sea Glass Pendants

Bajan Glass

This is a very unique pendant. Its made out a broken glass from of the Bajan Chattel house window. This glass is typically used in traditional Bajan homes. Handpicked and brought from Barbados. Pendant is wrapped in non tarnish silver wire. Size: 2" by 1.25"

Green Fossil

Single large green sea glass wrapped in artistic wire. This pendant was created using a unique wire wrapping technique to give an effect of a fern fossil. Size: 2.5" long and 1.5 wide

Sea Sun

Barbados authentic green sea glass chip is wrapped in a silver non tarnish wire. Round pendant is wrapped in a silver non tarnish wire and attached to the silver choker necklace. Silver choker necklace IS INCLUDED. Pendant Size: 1.75" Choker Size: 5" in diameter

Sea Urchin

Sea urchin for this pendant was collected by the designer and brought from Barbados. Sea urchin is attached to the Antique Silver pendant with a mosaic grout. Pendant is 2" long and 1" high and has a silver pin in the middle to give it a nice finished look. You can use a long or a short chain to wear it or just a simple white leather lace. This will be a perfect wear for summer time. Size: 2" by 1"

Sea Glass jewelry pendants make a perfect small gift. You can pair our pendants with career or weekend wear. Make this your perfect vacation jewelry.  

All pendants are made by using a wire wrapping technique.  Sea glass pendants are made with non-tarnish silver, sterling silver, and artistic wire.  

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